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Budget Hiking and Camping Gear Review 2020

Nicole Hikesalot asked some people to review and talk about their favourite hiking and camping gear! I’ll also go over the things I do while oot and aboot. Writing poetry, beers, fantasy novel prep, beers, reading and cooking… all that fun stuff, and beers!

Check out Nicole Hikesalot here:

Timothy Hickson is a brilliant writer, too, and I’ll talk about his book, ‘On Writing and Worldbuilding’. Find his channel here:

This is my Hiking and Camping Gear Review of 2020! It’s all budget stuff, so everyone should get outside and reconnect with nature!

Hope to see you out there!
~AJ Acey, The Friendly Hermit!

Some Product Time Stamps:
3:43 – Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler –
4:55 – Vintage Canvas Travel Rucksack –
9:48 – Lixada Lightweight Folding Pocket Wood Stove –
10:21 – Wheel of Time Series (Amazon Links Below)
10:48 – Timothy Hickson’s ‘On Writing and Worldbuilding’ –
14:03 – Xcellent Global Camping Stove –
15:52 – Dilwe Camping Cookware Set –


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My Novel – Necrophobia: Echoes of Infinity
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1) Alphabetically Speaking by StockMusic, S.I. Publishing (SOCAN), Audio Hero
2) Light as a Feather in My Arms by StockMusic, S.I. Publishing (SOCAN), Audio Hero
3) Book Bag by E’s Jammy Jams
4) Guitar Jack, Abandoned By the Blues, S. I. Publishing (SOCAN)


Interested In My Gear?
DISCLAIMER: By purchasing the following items using my affiliate links, you are supporting The Friendly Hermit with a small sales commission. Please note that some of the items are not identical to the ones I use in my videos. This is due to availability, and where I purchased them originally (not on amazon). In these cases, I have tried my best to find a similar product, and include a ‘*’ next to the item.

I very much appreciate your support! Thank you!

— Camping Equipment —
1) Camping Stove:
2) Stove Fuel – Isobutane Canister:
****NOTE: Fuel canisters are pricey on amazon. You may want to try to find one at your local camping store instead.
3) Cookware Set:
4) Pocket Wood Stove:
5) Canvas Rucksack:
6) *Hatchet:
7) *Hunting Knife:
8) *Fire Starter – Ferro Rod:
9) Fire Starter Sticks (Camco):
10) *Flashlight:
11) Camping Chair:
12) Camping Stool:

I’m Currently Reading: The Wheel of Time
Box Set 1 (Books 1-3):
Box Set 2 (Books 4-6):
Box Set 3 (Books 7-9):
Box Set 4 (Books 10-12):
Book 13:
Book 14:

Timothy Hickson, Hello Future Me:
His Novel – On Writing and Worldbuilding Volume 1:

— Film Equipment —
1) *For Filming – Canon VIXIA HF R800:
2) For Photos – Nikon Coolpix (Waterproof):
3) *Tripod:
4) Lapel Microphone:
5) 32GB MicroSD Card:
6) 128GB MicroSD Card:
7) Micro HDMI Cable:

— Miscellaneous —
1) Mosquito Repeller:
2) Mosquito Repeller Refill Cartridges:
3) Cast Iron Pan:
4) Little Hotties Hand Warmers – 40 pairs:
5) *Hiking GPS:

1) *Brush Set:
2) Paint Set (Acrylic):
3) *Palette:
4) *Canvas (18”x24”):
5) *Canvas 8 Pack (10”x10”):
6) *Easel Stand:
7) *Complete Painter’s Set:

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BBQ Secrets

Waist Packs


Tent Accessories

Sleeping Bags

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