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Grandma Gatewood’s Walk by Ben Montgomery

Emma Rowena (Caldwell) Gatewood, known as Grandma Gatewood was an American ultra-light hiking pioneer. After a difficult life as a farm wife, mother of eleven children, and victim of domestic violence, she became famous as the first solo female thru-hiker of the 2,168-mile (3,489 km) Appalachian Trail (A.T.) in 1955 at the age of 67. She subsequently became …

Climbing Mt Adams, Washington

Trip report by BestHike editor Rick McCharles. My first international trip since start of pandemic was to Nevada, California, Oregon and Washington state. As part of that, Adlards invited me to join their group climbing the Mt Adams volcano in Washington. Our base camp was in the deadfall of the …

19 Days on the JOHN MUIR TRAIL

Trip report by BestHike editor Rick McCharles INTRODUCTION The John Muir Trail in California is our #2 hike in the world. Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. Though I'd hiked almost every segment over the years, this was my first time hiking over 200 miles continually. There are …

Best West Coast Trail video of 2021

I hiked the West Coast Trail twice in 2021. And watched plenty of videos while putting together our own “How to SURVIVE the West Coast Trail” playlist. BUT was still blown away by Rudy D'Alessio's cinematic edit — only 11 minutes long. It sums up the challenge and grandeur of our …

Excellent Swiss Hikes

Our top multi-day hike in Switzerland is the Haute Route. Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. Our #1 day hike in the world is Harder Ridge. In Switzerland. Here is a list of more fantastic walks as posted by Lonely Planet: Faulhornweg 15km; 4½ to 5½ hours Lakes …

“Right to Roam”

Allemansrätten. This video was actually filmed in Lofoten, Norway. But they also have a right to roam law in Norway. Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. Read the full article by clicking here. View original source

South Africa’s Whale Trail

As I post this hike is still closed due to COVID. The Whale Trail is an unforgettable experience, taking you through one of the Western Cape’s most unique and diverse nature reserves.The route stretches over 55km, from Potberg to Koppie Alleen, with five overnight stops (hikers spend the first night …

Rockwall Trail in the Canadian Rockies

About 56 km long in Kootenay National Park following the base of a massive limestone cliff wall. Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. It's one of our BEST HIKES in North America. Read the full article by clicking here. View original source

Site Editor gone HIKING

August 5th we start some weeks on the Pacific Crest Trail starting Tuolumne Meadows. Mostly offline during August, I am hoping to post on the BestHike Instagram from the trail. First afternoon is a day hike to Cloud's Rest. Cloud's Rest view of the valley. Read the full article by …

400 miles across Ireland

Patrick Noonan has hiked the world. But COVID kept him home in 2020. So he hiked 400 miles across Ireland. Click PLAY or watch entertaining highlights on YouTube. (4min) Read the full article by clicking here. View original source

Juan de Fuca Trail, Vancouver Island

Our #1 hike in the world — West Coast Trail — was closed all of 2020 due to COVID. Hopefully it will reopen in 2021. Right next door is the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail. It's one of the great alternatives to the WCT. Logistics are much easier. And it's less …

Rees-Dart Track, New Zealand

Though not on the short list of Great Walks, Rees-Dart is epic. One of the tougher major hikes in our #1 hiking destination worldwide. travel2walk was there January 2020. The Rees-Dart Track … mainly follows the Rees River drainage and the Dart River drainage circling Mount Earnslaw and the Forbes …

Why we admire Patagonia

Buy less. Buy used. Repair what you wear out. Demand recycled. Demand Fair Trade. Demand organic. Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. Read the full article by clicking here. View original source

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