Month: December 2021


My new Jetboil Stash

I'm won over. I'll take the Jetboil Stash over any of my other hiking stoves for any adventure where weight is a consideration. What I like: weight 7.1 oz (without fuel)size ~ compact nesting designpot can quickly and easily be removed from the flame (in case of boiler)100gm fuel canister …

Helly’s LifaLoft jacket – my review

Kraig Becker sent me an early prototype of a Helly Hansen LifaLoft jacket for my 2019 trip to Patagonia. I wore it non-stop for a couple of months cycling and hiking in wet, windy and sometimes cold weather. LIFALOFT™ is not down. It's arguably lighter and warmer. The idea is …

John Muir Trail Hiker’s Survey

I did the JMT in 2021 so was even more interested than usual in Mac's data from surveying 119 hikers. Average age 39. 78.5% white. $1679 = cost for the adventure. Average 19.6 days. Average pre-hike backpack base weight = 22.34 pounds. Favourite section = Evolution Basin. Read the full report: …
Camping Tips

Wild Camping Beginners Tips & Checklist 2022

Wild camping can feel a bit intimidating when you’re a beginner. There might seem to be an impossible divide between people who wild camp and people who want to give it a try. But wild camping is possible for absolutely everyone. Don’t worry if you don’t have much experience with …

Stein Valley Divide hike, B

Stein Valley is one of the best hikes in North America. It's high on my personal list of hikes to do … SOON.  Wild and remote, the “route” is about 90km and has a total elevation change of at least 4300m. High elevation is about 2150m. It's tough. You probably …

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Sleeping Bags

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