Month: December 2021


2021 – Most Impressive Hike

Sammy Potter and Jackson Parell When they finished off the PCT at the end of October, Potter and Parell became the 11th and 12th finishers of the Calendar-Year Triple Crown, and at just 21 years old, the youngest to boot. …Potter and Parell finished all three in a little over …
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A New Year, New Camping Season

We start to plan future trips and camps and wonder what 2022 has in store for us. A New Year also means a New Camping Season…Find out what we're up to. Read the full article by clicking here. View original source

A Month in Kenya – Kilimanjaro

Pete Rojwongsurya: … I spent almost a month traveling from Zanzibar to Serengeti and eventually ending my trip on Kilimanjaro. It was one of the best trips of my life and this travel video is my attempt at capturing just how beautiful Tanzania is and how epic it was to …

Wishing YOU Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas. Joyous Kwanzaa. Finally Solstice. And Festivus for the rest of us. Read the full article by clicking here. View original source

hike to Rakaposhi Base Camp, Pakistan

One of our best hikes in Asia. Here's a fantastic vista you can reach by day hike. Free. And independently. Rakaposhi is a mountain in the Karakoram range about 100 km (62 mi) north of the capital city Gilgit. At 7,788 m (25,551 ft) it's the 27th highest in the world. There are views of Rakaposhi …

Lisbon, Portugal on Foot

I travelled to Portugal for bikepacking and to hike famed Fisherman's Trail. BUT I found myself walking further each day site seeing in Lisbon. There's MUCH to see. Click PLAY or get a glimpse of Lisbon on YouTube. Read the full article by clicking here. View original source

Sunshine to Mt Assiniboine – Canadian Rockies

One of our top 10 hikes in the world. World Wild Hearts had gear problems. Some bad weather. But they did get to the top of Wonder Peak. Click PLAY or watch a 5 day adventure on YouTube. To organize this hike for yourself, check our Sunshine to Assiniboine …

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